“Tony’s real value to me during our partnership at Sancell was that he was ‘invested’ in the issues we faced. Throughout these issues he was right there in the fight, presenting balance when situations risked becoming emotionally charged. Through a major US project, he guided, advised, supported and celebrated the success when our plan was approved.

In the loneliest position in the company, he did a great job in helping me feel that I was not alone…”

Doug Parkinson
(MD of Sancell Pty. Ltd.)

“The company had extreme rapid growth in a short time frame and we required assistance in many areas to help us consolidate and take ownership, and review several aspects of the business to assist with further growth. Tony assisted us with an outside view of where and what required improvement, and how to integrate this into our day to day tasks. He also assisted us in the construction of our new website, and organised a member of his network to help us formulate documents for tender.

Our time with Tony was invaluable and has certainly assisted the company with taking on greater projects”

Luke Scantleton
Owner, Positive Pulse Electrix

“Tony has been an invaluable part of our company for the last 7 years. He has provided an independent perspective on our business issues, and balanced advice based on his years of experience. Tony’s strength for our business has been his well-researched decisions, his network of associates, and his diplomatic, amicable manner. I can highly recommend his help and advice.
A great investment in our business”

Adam Longden
Owner / Managing Director, SAS Furniture

“I engaged Tony because the business was in danger of stalling. Ours is a family business, and even though it was comfortable, it did not have the breadth it needed for sustainability. Tony helped by firstly helping us see what needed doing, then by focusing on the market. He brought in an excellent branding specialist who updated our logo and image, and then he helped us approach targeted prospects. As a result, we now have a much better base of valued clients.”

Paul Bennett
Owner / Managing Director, Apresto Acrylics